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Hi all! This is the online home for MUSIC 1 at Queens College in Fall 2019. Here are some helpful links for current students.

Our required textbook is the second edition of Music: A Social Experience, by Steven Cornelius and Mary Natvig. Here is a comparison search of the lowest prices for new (around $90), used (around $65), and rental (around 30$ on Amazon) copies of the textbook.

Here are the online resources for the textbook, including the assigned listening and links to further information for each chapter. Because I will not be assigning every piece of music in the textbook, I will also be posting the links for each class period under the  “Schedule” tab.

Here you can create a Spotify account in order to access the online listening and create your Music and… Playlist. The free version of Spotify only allows you to shuffle albums and playlists if you’re listening on your phone. To listen to individual pieces, you need to listen on a laptop or desktop through the downloaded version of Spotify (not the web browser version). If you plan to listen via phone or web browser, I recommend purchasing a Premium Student account instead (which can be shared with multiple people). By using your Queens College  email address, the account costs $5 per month instead of $10. Whenever possible, I’ll provide Youtube links alongside Spotify if you can’t make this purchase.

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