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Ponce Blog 9

The Mevlevi’s music and dance is prioritize compared to any other Sufi orders, which differentiates it from the other orders. In accordance to the textbook, ” The Mevlevi place a strong emphasis on music, which sends the practitioner’s physical body into a slow dance of graceful and ecstatic turning.” (315). Therefore, those who practice this mystical branch of Islam allow the music to guide their movement, and allow them to express their contained joy at a pace. Which within the ceremony, Sema, is the core activity taken place. Followed up by, ” The ceremony, which is highly symbolic, enacts a soul’s passage to God.” (315) Which pertains to the way the the music and dance allows those to experience a stronger connecting through the soul, allowing them to attend to a higher level of relation. This is needed through a calm sense of movement which could be seen within the video at 2:46, that shows a sense of grace.

Music differentiates in meanings throughout all forms of worship ceremonies. Specifically within gospel music, Amazing Grace being apart of the hymn has several varieties of the song., yet all have the same purpose to allow a sense of connection to God or a higher power. Due to the fact that it is often enough played within funerals to keep those lost in mind (288). Both traditions tend to be rather different to one another, in relation to the music within Mevlevi allows ones mind to be calmed, almost sedated by the music. Where as Amazing grace has very distinct versions, that could vary at a slow paced to a rather face paced song, which does not always allow one to be in sync with the music.


  1. You made a good observation with the calm sense in the video. Also you made an interesting point when bringing up how the different music for the Amazing Grace and Mevlevi move at different paces.

  2. I like the way you differentiate it between Amazing grace and Mevlevi. It was really clear and I noticed how you mentioned that there is a variety of versions of Amazing Grace.

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